ISPT - Sydney Central

Sydney Central - Base Building Refurbishment & Upgrade to 37 Levels

477 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000

Contract Value $3,100,000
Time to Complete The project was set for a 13 stage construction program with each stage approximately 6 weeks

Sense Projects won this competitive tender for the upgrade works to Sydney Central Building which is managed by Knight Frank, they required the upgrade and refurbishment of all the base building amenities to 37 Levels. The project incorporated the staged refurbishment of each level back to a high end base building standard finish. The works were staged on a 3 level basis at one time. The associated works included new finishes, fixtures and joinery to all common areas including Male & Female Toilets, Showers, Combination of Accessible Toilets, Cleaners and/or Tea Rooms & Lift Lobbies.

Working in a high traffic, high occupancy environment has required significant flexibility, tenant consultation and the enforcement of diligent work processes, providing clear communications & reporting with all contractors to ensure a successful outcome for all parties. Sense Projects took ‘ownership’ of the project requirements and tailored our resources accordingly for the staged works, delivering a quality outcome on time and on budget. Sense Projects was in constant communication with the Building Manager and hence formed a very strong successful working relationship. The greatest challenge that the upgrade works posed was handling the security constraints of the tenanted building, detailed planning and coordinating allowed Sense Projects to program the works accordingly. Constant after hour works were required including all material and equipment loading for access and safety reasons.